Global Day of Climate Action 2008

greenpeace climbers

Having spent two days atop the 400-foot chimney stack of the Pątnów power plant to highlight the catastrophic impact that coal-fired power stations are having on the climate, the 11 Greenpeace climbers have come down and are heading for the UN climate talks in Posnan to continue their campaign to save the climate.For two days and nights they sat on the smokestack and watched it accelerate climate change. After all, nothing does more damage to the climate than coal power. In this country, it's estimated that coal produces about 40 percent of our CO2 emissions.

On December 8th, a week into the Posnan talks, the Climate Rescue Station will reopen in Poznan's Wolności Square. It will continue to send a message to delegates attending the climate talks to get serious about climate change, quit coal and work towards a meaningful deal to save the climate. Events will include a free "concert for the climate" by the Britten Sinfonia, open days for the public, exhibitions and debates.

At Poznan delegates must agree:

-a "climate vision" that will address what the science requires: global emissions peaking by 2015
-a draft negotiating text on the table
-a detailed work plan to get this completed by the Copenhagen meeting in December 2009
-and developed countries must agree greenhouse gas emission reduction targets at the upper end of 25-40 percent, as identified by the IPCC.

Global Day of Climate Action 2008
In the US, On December 6th, while our leaders are overseas in Poland deciding the future of the planet at the UNFCCC, Americans will be rallying across the country to send a strong message: We want serious action to kickstart an energy revolution and stop global warming.

If you live in or near San Francisco, Chicago, or Boston, join us for massive rally where you can send out a loud and clear message that you want real leadership to stop global warming. We'll be deploying 30' by 50' banners at iconic locations in these cities. Come on out and help us make these events huge. For a full list of events go here.

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