Glenn Beck: Not "Enough Knives on Planet Earth" for Climate Scientists to Kill Themselves With


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This one went too far. I've been unwilling touch Glenn Beck with a ten-foot pole over the last couple months--I don't know, maybe in the hopes that he'd just go away. But of course, he hasn't. And it seems like his inevitable, incoming irrelevance led him to say even more unacceptable, flagrantly offensive things. Like this: Beck said yesterday on his radio show:

There's not enough knives. If this, if the IPCC had been done by Japanese scientists, there's not enough knives on planet Earth for hara-kiri that should have occurred. I mean, these guys have so dishonored themselves, so dishonored scientists.
I'm going to stay out of the fray on this one. I don't care whether or not you believe that warming temperatures are caused by man--there's simply no excuse for saying thousands of scientists should commit suicide. It's pure hateful rhetoric, and it boils down to "these men deserve to die." And it's completely unacceptable.

Listen here, via Media Matters:

I know Beck will skirt responsibility for the comment by hiding behind the veneer of a historical reference (hara-kiri refers to the ritual suicide disgraced samurai would commit by plunging a sword into their torso). And I know inevitably someone will tell me to lighten up. But I refuse to believe that suggesting thousands of people kill themselves is any way an appropriate way to discuss current events. This charged, violent language is halting important debate on many topics (health care, foreign policy, etc).

And the fact that a few scientists out of the thousands that do work for the IPCC have made errors--that's right, errors; they haven't brought harm on anyone--hardly leaves any of them deserving of such suggestion that they kill themselves. It's especially insensitive considering that one of the IPCC scientists--who has done good, valuable work, and yes, made some errors in judgment--has actually been reported to have been considering suicide.

But Beck has never seemed to care much about the impact of his hateful rhetoric--why would he start now?

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