Glenn Beck Nails Climate Change Predictions (Video)

Glenn Beck isn't exactly the most respected voice in the climate change conversation (though he may strive to be the loudest). Yet all that may change after people realize that he actually hit the nail on the head with his predictions last year for what woes climate change would bring upon the world. This amusing video is a little all over the place, so here's some exposition: the first part makes the well-trod but nonetheless sound comparison between the tobacco industry's efforts to deny the link between smoking and cancer and the fossil fuel industries' efforts to deny the link between greenhouse gas pollution and climate change.

After that, we get to the segment in question (around 2 mins in), which shows a bit from an episode of the Glenn Beck show in 2009, where the host makes sarcastic predictions about what will happen in 20 years because of climate change. Thing is, it looks like just about all of his supposedly outlandish predictions came to pass in one form or another just last month. Glenn Beck -- climate modeler. Who knew?

Hat tip to Sean Devlin at TruthFool.

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