Glamour Magazine: Is Green Becoming Glamourous?

After Vanity Fair and Domino (among others), it is now Glamour Magazine's turn to feature some eco-content. They didn't go with a whole green issue, but their "top 10 things you can do for the planet" is a nice introduction to easy things that everybody can do to reduce their ecological footprint. It's cool that a large audience of people who might not have known about these things will be introduced to them (or reminded), but we encourage Glamour readers not to stop there; these things are just the beginning! The most important green tip of all is to educate yourself, to find information and share it. That's the crucial first step that (should) lead to action. Glamour also has a list of what it calls "The best eco websites". Thanks for the link, Glamour! We feel more glamourous already. ::Glamour Magazine