Give to Reverb, Support Nonprofits, Get Booty

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Just as the Green Music Group Challenge is winding down, the green concert gurus at Reverb have come up with another project. They're taking donations. But ... each donation of $15 or more comes with a booty-back guarantee. That is, they'll send you a gift of concert swag for your donation. It's called "Give & Get."The money will go to support Reverb's efforts to bring local and national nonprofits out to popular summer concerts. That way, the nonprofits reach more people, more people are informed and more people are (hopefully) inspired to take action.

Did we mention the stuff you get is "limited edition" gear from Reverb tours past, like T-shirts, stickers, water bottles, and a autographed guitar?

See the photo at top, and these numbers. There are 300 items, and each will be sent out randomly:

photo reverb give and get

The "gets" are going fast. And your donations do make a difference, says Elliott May, with Reverb. The organization works with some high-profile musicians. But at the end of the day, it's a very small nonprofit and every buck counts.

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