Give Free Clothing, Get Good Karma and Maybe $300 in the Third Green Music Group Challenge

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Credit: Via GMG

People really do win with the Green Music Group Challenge. Just ask Antonia M. Roman, who sent a letter to President Obama at the behest of Sheryl Crow and walked away with a Patagonia clothing prize pack and a "Best of Bonnaroo" compilation from HeadCount. Roman was the winner of the second challenge from artists in the Green Music Group. The third Green Music Group Challenge comes from Questlove of The Roots: Donate unwanted clothing and household items. This time, the prize for the best photo illustrating your good deed is a copy of DJ Hero and a $300 Best Buy gift card. That should be motivation to do some spring cleaning ... and do some good.

You can take your donations to a Goodwill store. It's easy to find one near you.

Take recycling to the next level. Take the challenge. And you might just take home a Honda Insight Hybrid, too. The challenge is being held in conjunction with TreeHugger's sister site, PlanetGreen, where you can read more about green and socially conscious music.

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