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Tired of giving away cheap plastic gifts at your booth or as a way to get people involved in the launch of a new school program? Why not consider adapting your own How to Go Green guide, but let someone else do most of the work. Most of the tips are general environmental tips such as turning out lights, bringing your own coffee mug to work and closing blinds during the summer to keep heat out and lower your cooling needs. These can be modified to use on your school campus, but are probably more relevant as general How to Go Green propaganda for greening their own lives, above what you plan to do on campus. The booklet might also be a good idea for campus green organizations that need a hand-out for Earth Day or for their event booth. The books come in either of two formats - 100% post consumer recycled paper or on a bamboo USB flash drive - either way, you can feel okay about handing out freebies.

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The tips are given in a quick, snapshot format making it more likely that someone in today's pop culture society will actually pick up the book. For a small fee, books can be customized on the front cover, and on the first few and last pages with your logo or any additional advice or resources you want to add. One downside - while the book tells you what to do, it doesn't necessarily tell you how. So consider making a list of your own personal, favorite green resources and including those, or incorporate the book into school functions and provide the how-to portion for going green.

Currently everything on the site is on sale, so act fast to get an even better deal on your campus green guide. :Green Gifts 4 U
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