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You know Groupon? Or Woot? Or maybe Netted? Those daily deal sites that give you something new and awesome to buy (or think about) every morning? Well, that's what Philanthroper is only instead of taking part in mass consumerism, you take part in making the world just that much better by donating $1 to a featured non-profit organization.

In honor of Earth Day, TreeHugger and Philanthroper got together to highlight eight awesome eco-oriented charities, making it easy for you to make a small, but incredibly important difference today. Check out which charities we're highlighting!For each of the non-profit groups below, you can donate $1 through Philanthroper. Spend just $1 on the charity of your choice, or a whopping $8 to support all of them. No matter how much you give, you're helping a lot because every little bit makes a difference. And with Philanthroper, you can be confident that every single penny of your donation is going to the charity -- the website doesn't take any cut from donations made through their platform, and the charities don't pay to be featured. It's just a good old-fashioned helping hand, and that's why we jumped at the chance to work with Philanthroper to feature eight deserving non-profits this Earth Day, including:

Oxfam America
The Environment Is What's for Dinner: Helping farmers in developing countries adapt to climate change.

Trees for the Future
We're Pleased to Plant Some Trees: $1 plants 10 trees. That's right, 10 whole trees!

Architecture for Humanity
Construction Isn't Always Destruction: Professional architects pledge pro bono services with an eco-friendly twist.

Global Green USA
The Earth Is a Big, Big Place: Reforming public energy policy while fighting war spending? Sounds good to us.

Western Lands Project
This Land Belongs to You and Me: There's a lot of public land in the United States. These guys work every day to keep it that way.

Reef Check
Oceans Aren't Invincible: This global network of ocean divers keeps tabs on the world's coral reef health and creates marine sanctuaries.

Solar Electric Light Fund
(Solar) Power to the People: Solar panels might not run your car, but they're the perfect solution for developing communities.

Wild South
Where the Wild Things Are: This group is restoring and monitoring national forests on hardwood at a time.

Head over to the eco-charities featured page on Philanthroper, drop a few dollars, and enjoy this beautiful Earth Day!

After setting records on Friday for their donation collection all thanks to you, you generous TreeHugger readers, Philanthroper has run into a snag which has forced it to pause operations for a little while. Here is their notice:

Fellow Philanthropers,

We have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news. Philanthroper will be freezing operations for the next few weeks. We've prided ourselves for not having a single down day since our launch three months ago, but it's unavoidable.

Philanthroper's formerly-exclusive payment processor, mPayy, is being acquired by another company. Their new buyer has absolutely no interest in subsidizing donations on our site so they're pulling out immediately.

Unfortunately, mPayy gave us no notice - we literally heard about this development yesterday afternoon (Monday, April 25th) so we've had no time to accomodate our users. The irony? Last Friday was our most successful campaign ever.

So what's the good news?

Well, it WAS going to be a surprise, but we've been in the process of setting up PayPal-based donations, which will allow us to take credit cards and accept international payments.

Yup, that's right, we're getting PayPal!

And if anyone has friends at the company who might expedite the 5-10 day approval process, please email me at

See you soon.

Mark Wilson, Founder

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