Gisele Bundchen's Green Blog

Image: Gisele Bundchen's green blog.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen has showed concern over environmental matters in the past, more recently getting involved in a campaign to raise awareness about water use (see post Gisele Bündchen Launches Flip Flop Line Drawing Attention to Conscious Use of Water).

Now she has gone a step further and last April she launched a green blog, in which she and a group of correspondents in Brazil inform about environmental maters and share pictures and videos. The blog is somewhat basic and more personal than informative, but the fact that a celebrity that brings so much attention to things is behind it we're sure will help bring environmental issues closer to masses in Brazil.

"For some time I've been trying to find a way to talk about issues that are of interest to me and that I think of interest for you too, such as out planet and what we can do to take care of it. There are many people who are going to join us and post their ideas to this blog and I would like you to participate as well, to hear your ideas and what you think it's important for us to post on it," said the model in a message to the audience when the blog launched.

The site is updated daily by a team from Ubersite, the model informed. It can be read in Portuguese and English.

Following this green profile, the model has also incorporated green content into her official website. At the moment, the site offers two videos: one explaining the world's environmental problems and another on environmental transport and travel practices.

::Via El Blog Verde (in Spanish)

::Gisele Bündchen's green blog
::Gisele Bündchen official site
::Gisele Bündchen's YouTube channel

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Gisele Bundchen's Green Blog
The Brazilian supermodel launched a blog to share her environmental concerns.

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