Gifts of Compassion Save Polar Bears, Prevent Malaria, and More

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Life-saving malaria nets help protect women and children in Africa. Photo: ABC Home & Planet
ABC Carpet & Home offers a wide array of gifts in their department stores, from vintage and antiques to artisan indigenous pieces from cooperatives around the world, but it is gifts of compassion, from their non-profit arm ABC Home & Planet Foundation, that I'd like to highlight as a last-minute holiday gift suitable for anytime of the year.
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Gifts of Compassion offer an opportunity to give friends, loved ones and colleagues a lasting gift that provides targeted services to heal our planet and communities. Each gift is represented with a personalized certificate and presented in a vintage silk sari envelope.

malaria nets photo

malaria nets photo

All photos: ABC Home & Planet

ABC Home & Planet Foundation creates choices to leverage investment in giving gifts that have transparency in their intention and outcome. Whatever your passion, there is a gift that suits your cause. For Planet Protection, choose from protecting endangered polar bears to restoring honeybee colonies. For empowerment, provide the gift of education to a young child in India to safe water for a school child in Kenya. Ranging in price from $50, for life-saving malaria nets through Malaria No More to $100 for HIV/AIDS prevents through Africa AIDS Response, gifts can be purchased directly online at ABC Home & Planet Foundation.

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