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Father's Day is around the corner (hint check out the Father's Day Gift Guide) and if you're shopping for those dads who love the outdoors, this video should provide some inspiration. Eco-fashion model Summer Rayne Oakes tells us about her trip to Great Bear Rainforest decked-out in a fab water-proof NAU jacket (the same one I'm wearing here). We also hear tell of her attempt to snatch from the water a slippery, spawning salmon using only her bare hands -- bets any one, think she pull it off or not? Last but not least is her brush with five or six grizzly bears while kayaking (spoiler warning on this one) we're pretty sure she lived to tell the tale. We're also keeping a close watch on Great Bear Rainforest because the clock is ticking to implement ecosystem-based management programs which were agreed upon two years ago, but are as yet even to be funded by the provincial government of British Columbia.
Gifts for the Outdoors Lover with Summer Rayne Oakes VIDEO 2 minutes WATCH >> on

With 9 months left to fully implement the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement by March 31, 2009, the province must focus on conservancy management planning, the enactment of biodiversity areas and establishing a regional plan for conservation outside of protected areas to ensure this deadline is met. Some good news did come to pass on April 28th when legislation introduced by the British Columbia government to establish 55 new conservancies in the Great Bear Rainforest. The new conservancies, together with 65 conservancies established in previous years, form a network of protected areas as part of the Central Coast and North Coast land-use decision announced in 2006.



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