Oversized 'Urban Plant Tags' Label Sidewalk Fixtures as if They're Plants

Giant Urban Plant Tags© Carmichael Collective

Carmichael Lynch, a creative company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, created giant plant labels for items you'll encounter on the sidewalk. The giant plant tags label, identify and provide care instructions for items we encounter along sidewalks like stop signs, mailboxes, and even benches.

Giant Plant Tag for Stop Sign© Carmichael Collective

Urban Plant Tag No Parking© Carmichael Collective

Giant Urban Plant Tag Street Light© Carmichael Collective

Giant Urban Plant Tag Mail Boxes© Carmichael Collective

Giant Urban Plant Tag fire hydrant© Carmichael Collective

"I Love the Latin, and the description of what seems obvious, like a stop sign. It takes you out of the ordinary world for a minute, or two," says Trey Pitsenberger, a garden center owner and blogger who brought the urban plant tags to my attention.

What's the point or message of these urban plant tags? There isn't one. They're part of the Carmichael Collective, an ongoing creative project for the sake of creativity.

I'm glad I never have to encounter one of these in the garden while rooting around in the soil like with their miniature-sized counterparts that seem to last longer than the plants they come attached to.

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