Giant 3D Portraits Turn Trees into Monuments to Activism in Australia

History is written by the winners, the saying goes. And those who write history pick and choose what to document and what gets immortalized in public monuments.

No greater example of this can be found than public parks which often house monuments to wars, soldiers, and imperialism.

Using art, nature and technology, Australia’s Hyde Park was temporarily transformed into a monument to activism.

EMERGENCE by contemporary artist Craig Walsh was a collaboration between Art & About and the Australian Museum. Walsh’s ephemeral installation for Art & About projected computer-manipulated portraits of three diverse Australians--connected through their commitment to social change--onto trees to tell an alternative history of the site.

During the day Hyde Park’s trees were just trees, but they took on a whole new life and meaning when the sun went down.

Although fleeting, this monument to civic action, highlighted the park's history as a meeting point for activists.

See the Craig Walsh's portraits in action

While this video is from 2003 it gives you a better idea of the impact Craig Walsh's portraits have when viewed in person. Thanks to My Modern Met for highlighting Walsh's participation in Art & About because it reminds us of the role public spaces have in creating change.

Art & About is Sydney’s annual month-long celebration of public art with art installations and exhibitions scattered around public spaces in the city.

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Giant 3D Portraits Turn Trees into Monuments to Activism in Australia
3D projected photographs create haunting public art display from trees in Australia.

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