GHG Photos: Climate Change Photography Shapes Debate

GHG Photos provides provocative climate change imagery image

New Photo Agency Focuses on Climate Change
From polar bears on thin ice to killer smog clouds smothering Asia, pictures play a hugely important role in shaping our understanding of the world and the threats posed to it. That’s why it's so great to hear about the birth of GHG Photos, a coalition of science, environmental, nature, and documentary photographers who have spent the last several years focused on greenhouse gas emissions and effects of those emissions on our planet. Besides offering stock photography, the photographers at GHG are also available for talks and corporate assignments. GHG clearly believes it can play a significant role in shaping the debate around climate change, citing as historical precedent the role of 19th Century photographer William Henry Jackson in inspiring the national parks movement:
In the 1870s, photographer William Henry Jackson joined a US Government Survey of the Yellowstone River and the Rocky Mountains. It was during this trip that many of the wonders of Yellowstone were first photographed, and Jackson's images are often credited as being a major factor in Congress' decision to designate Yellowstone as the first national park. It is in that spirit that we have founded GHG Photos. Our mission is to help people grasp the science, the causes, and the impacts of climate change on our planet through photography.

The photographers of GHG Photos have each spent years covering climate change and related issues, crossing paths at conferences, summits, and even once at a bar in the small island nation of Tuvalu. During that time we have collaborated on a series of projects including exhibitions, magazine articles and books. This agency is an outgrowth of that collaboration. Through GHG Photos we plan to explore new ways to promote our work, to raise funds to continue our work and to find new venues to showcase our work. As a group we believe that still imagery has a large role to play in the discussion of climate change.

GHG Photos

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