Getting Ready for Earth Day: Save Water When You Wash


TreeHugger's Earth Day Guide is now in full swing; there you'll find quick, easy ideas and tips for making your lifestyle a little greener in celebration of the upcoming Earth Day (Sunday, April 22). We've already taken a look at ways to save water in the shower and save water when you flush, so today we'll take a peek at what it takes to save water when you clean your dishes and your clothes.

1) When it comes to dishes, the dishwasher is the more water, energy and soap-efficient way to go.
2) Some TreeHugger-friendly dishwasher-use tips include using the "light" cycle, running it only when full and consulting with Energy Star before purchasing a new one.
3) The GE Profile SmartDispense dishwasher uses only as much soap as it needs, uses less water while maintaining water velocity and pressure; if all Americans used one of these puppies, over 15.5 billion gallons of water a year would be saved -- enough to fill more than 20,000 Olympic-sized pools.
4) For machine-washing your clothes without dirtying the environment, we like LG's steam machine that uses 35% less water, Bosch's Nexxt Washer that sips on just 13 gallons of water per load, and Sanyo's Aqua, that doesn't use water at all.
5) Looking for a new, more-efficient washer? Read our green appliance comparison shopping tips before heading to the store.
6) Check out the WonderWash for an electricity-free alternative to cleaning your clothes.
7) When it comes to drying, it's best to stay away from tumble drying with a clothes line or drying rack; an idea that works great in tandem with something like the Portable Spin Dryer, which uses far less energy than a tumbler and helps get your clothes nearly dry in just a few minutes.
8) Peer into TreeHugger's crystal ball to check out the Washman, a washer/dryer combo that could be the future of laundry.

Check out TreeHugger's How to Green Your Water for more tips on saving a little H2O, and stay tuned for more Earth Day tips.

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