Getting Ready for Earth Day: Green Cleaning


Cleaning products are everywhere in our homes, and get everywhere when we use them; on our dishes, countertops, floors, hands...the list goes on and on. They're so pervasive that we follow this general rule: if you don't want it on your skin or in your body, don't use it. Thankfully, there is a large (and growing ever larger) contingent of green cleaning products, strategies and ideas to help you keep your house clean and green.

1) Products from Seventh Generation, Method, B_E_E and Ecover are just a few that eschew toxics and nasty chemicals in favor of essential oils and earth-friendly ingredients. Actor Ed Begley even has an eco-friendly cleaning product worthy of the prestigious Cradle to Cradle seal of approval.
2) If you don't have time to clean up yourself, we've seen a growing trend in eco-friendly home cleaning services that clean your house without leaving toxics behind.
3) These natural scrubbers take a tough, green approach to cleaning dishes and last longer than their plastic counterparts.
4) Taking a DIY approach to cleaning clogged drains could save you from busting out the caustic drain cleaner.
5) When it comes to dry cleaning your clothes, there are greener alternatives that stays away from the standard solvent in favor of liquid carbon dioxide and other less harmful cleaners.

Learn more at TreeHugger's How to Green Your Cleaning guide, and stay tuned for more tips to help you go green and get ready for Earth Day.

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