Get Wood: Grain Surfboards Say its Good


Grain surfboards are made of wood, specifically Northern White Cedar, with some Western Red Cedar added for colour accent. The timber is sourced in their home state of Maine. And although it is not yet FSC certified they are continuing to seek this out. The white cedar is said to be "super light, extremely rot-resistant and beautiful to look at." The boards are claimed to ding and crack much less than standard non-renewable foam based surfboards. As to how they perform afloat, Grain says, "You'll discover that wooden surfboards ride with more energy and carry more momentum down the wave. And while they may seem slightly heavier on land, in water, they feel much lighter due to the inherent buoyancy of wood."The company has a strong green ethic. "All our wood shavings are donated to local horse barns, our clean floor sweepings are sent to a composter, our off-cuts are used for heating fuel, and our total weekly waste is carried to the curb in one trip. Everyone that works at Grain commutes less than five minutes."

But they are also very admirably transparent about where there is room for improvement and provide a list of aspects where their board construction is less than green.

They appear to produce a full range of board styles and even have kits for folk wanting to make their own. We found their website to be refreshingly open, full of detail and peppered with gorgeous photography. Worthy dropping in on, even you aren't a board rider, to see just how 'together' a small green business can be. ::Grain Surfboards via ::Changents.