Get Out and Pump 'Em Up!

Got students who are all revved up to do something this Earth Day 2007 to prove they’re not full of hot air? Well how about joining Pump ‘Em Up!, a campaign launched in 2001 by a then nine-year old Savannah Walters who read about plans to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, and learned that Americans could save as much oil as would be produced by the new drilling if they simply pumped up their car tires to the proper inflation levels. In fact, the US Energy Department has indicated that we’re wasting at least 4 million gallons of gas daily in America by not keeping them properly inflated.

To make checking tires simple she’s enlisted the help of volunteers to give out the free tire gauges generously donated by Sears, Firestone, Goodyear, and the Rubber Manufacturers Association to people across the country. She’s also gotten instructions for the project translated into other languages including Chinese, and aims to educate drivers around the world of the potential to conserve resources and protect our natural heritage by taking this simple step to stop wasting so much gas. She notes that not only will we save gas, but we’ll also be breathing cleaner air while working to fight global warming through lower emissions of CO2 at the same time. On top of all that, it’s estimated that Americans would also extend the life of their tires by about 25% and thereby save hundreds each year to go along with their gas savings. So if you’d like to get involved by hosting an event simply head to their website to download a flyer, and you’re on your way!

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