Get a Green Job: GreenCareers by MonsterTRAK


According to a recent study by MonsterTRAK, the division of job-hunting megasite Monster for college students and recent graduates, 80 percent of young professionals are interested in securing a job that impacts the environment in a positive way, and 92 percent give preference to working for a company that is environmentally friendly. If you find yourself at the green jobs crossroads, and you've exhausted your search over at TreeHugger's Job Board, then MonsterTRAK has something for you: yesterday, MonsterTRAK, in alliance with ecoAmerica (full disclosure: Bob Perkowitz, President of ecoAmerica, is a member of TreeHugger's Board of Advisors), announced GreenCareers by MonsterTRAK, the first environmentally responsible recruitment service for college students and recent graduates."By introducing the concept of 'green careers' to mainstream college students and recent graduates, we hope to deliver an inspiring message that young professionals can find jobs that not only present tremendous opportunities for their future, but also aid in the fight against global warming," said Mark Charnock, vice president and general manager, MonsterTRAK. "GreenCareers by MonsterTRAK serves as a place that connects young people and employers with the emerging sustainable economy in a concrete way, making the environment more personally relevant for both parties."

The new site offers both a search for green jobs and for green companies, so that both explicitly "green jobs" -- a solar panel installer, for example -- and "regular jobs" within a green company -- an accountant with an organic food company, we'll say -- are available and easy to find. If you prefer that your collar be green rather than any other color, this is a great place to start. Happy hunting! ::MonsterTRAK GreenCareers and