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Think you're among the greenest of the green? Or maybe you're not, but you are interested in all of this green, and how it can help you make green? Too bad there is no symbol or banner you can fly from your front yard to identify your eco-savviness. Turns out, there is, with the new PineMark certification for individuals. PineMark is a new system created to educate and reward individuals for adopting more environmentally sustainable practices. PineMark then offers advice and tips for greening your lifestyle, and then individual members can share tips with each other on the site in order to encourage bigger savings and bigger rewards.

So how does it work? Individuals can apply for their certification by filling out a form that asks about their daily activities in four different categories: energy, transportation, water and lifestyle. Weight for each category is partly based on what percentage of carbon emissions these activities are responsible for on average. Activities that contribute more heavily, are worth more points in the overall score. Individuals are then given a score from 1-100 (100 is the best). You don't need to save water bills or utility bills to sign up, rather just answer questions about what you're already doing. The goal is to improve daily activities and habits so questions surround lifestyle rather than just looking at usage numbers.

Here's the reward: Individuals who are certified then get exclusive discounts with different green companies. Discounts in the area of organic food, sustainable clothing and eco-tourism are all included. Currently there are over 28 partner companies offering discounts to PineMark members.

Anyone can join for free, but to get a certification, there is an application fee of $39 USD for and individual and $49 for a family, which is good for one year. A small part of the fee will be donated to a non-profit, including Healthy Child or the International Eco-Tourism Society.

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