George Monbiot Wows the Green Living Show Via Longpen

It is the first time I have seen a standing ovation for a video monitor. Margaret Atwood interviewed George Monbiot via Longpen, which was a challenge because the internet connection to Wales was a bit rough and she had to do a song and dance at the beginning until it got going and boy, with George on the line it got going. George noted that 1.5 metric tons of CO2 were saved, more than we should generate in a year. He speaks so well, answered Margaret's questions but also questions from the floor on war, north/south relations, vegetarianism and responding to Elizabeth May's questions about the Canadian green plan with words that are hard to repeat on a non-partisan website. The audience was captivated.

Margaret Atwood didn't develop the Longpen specifically to fight global warming, but it is such a fabulous way of bringing great authors to smaller centers where they otherwise might not go, and to get the George Monbiots of the world on the road, carbon free. That so many people could respond so positively to an interactive interview by internet was a revelation.

George is so thorough and articulate that they ran out of time before the Longpen could be put into action to sign my copy of Heat. However I am thrilled with my sketch of a TreeHugger by Margaret Atwood, sent seven feet by the remarkable ::Longpen.

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