George Clooney's Edible Sweat, Nicole Richie's An Eco-mom, and More

George Clooney Facial Hair photo

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We all know George Clooney is a hot commodity. But, PETA's taken his star power to a new dimension. The animal rights group received George's sweaty gym towel to auction off for charity. But, the brainiacs over at PETA hoped to use his sweat to create Clooney tofu that will "spare animals from being killed for the table." Yup, you read it right - "Clooney-flavored Tofu". Apparently, the techonology exists to take sweat and turn it into bean curd. Or, as PETA tagged it CloFu. "We believe CloFu would be delicious on its own or served over rice with a light soy sauce and sauteed collards," advises PETA. Clooney's response: "As a mammal, I'm offended."

Nicole's A Green Mom:

Nicole Richie Ecomom event photo
Pregnant with her second child, Nicole Richie left her nest to socialize with fellow Hollywood moms at a green charity event. Nicole, along with Robin Wright Penn, Jennifer Garner, and Angie Harmon gathered to discuss EcoMom's new project on Congo, which will help to raise awareness about the sexual violence towards Congolese women. "EcoMom is about global citizenry and its mission is to redevelop and build a more sustainable future," says Robin. Learn more: EcoMom Alliance

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Christina's Organic Glow:

Christina Applegate Golden Globes photo
As a breast cancer survivor, Christina Applegate, tries to maintain a green lifestyle and vegetarian diet. So, it's no surprise, she's a big fan of organic beauty products; especially Physicians Formula Organic Wear 2-in-1 Blush bronzer. The product is completely recyclable and 100% free of harsh chemicals, parabens, and synthetic preservatives. To cop a sun-kissed glow, brand creator and makeup artist Joanna Schlip suggests, "Just smile in the mirror and use cinnamon bun swirl movements to apply color. Then sweep bronzer across forehead, down nose, and across chin for a star-worthy glow."

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Green Girl's Night Out:

Sarah Jane Morris EcoStiletto Event photo
The Brothers and Sisters star attended EcoStiletto's second annual give-back bash. Sarah Jane Morris, along with Anna Getty, Carolyn Hennessey, and Kristen Renton, all donated gently-worn shoes. Six shopping carts full of shoes were filled in under three hours to donate to Dress for Success. Learn more:

Photo Courtesy: EcoStiletto

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