Genesis is Epic Eco-Photography by Sebastiao Salgado

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Sebastiao Salgado is a Brazilian photographer who has been working on his photo-documentary "Genesis" for more than 4 years. It is a story in photos about the effect of modern development on the environment. He is searching for landscapes that represent a pure, untouched state of nature.

So far he has travelled to 20 different spots across 5 continents to photograph the most pristine, untouched pockets of nature in the world. Since he is a master photographer, the results are spectacular.


Image from Salgado

Salgado is dedicated to this environmental project; in an article in the New York Times, he says that "It isn't true that the planet is lost. We must work hard to preserve it."

He has visited the Galapagos, of course, gorillas in Congo, whales off Patagonia and penguins in Antarctica. Recently he spent 2 months in Ethiopia, hiking in 800 km. to photograph mountain tribes and rare species of animals. He plans to spend the next 4 years working on the project and continuing his search for remote, untouched natural landscapes.

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His last work was "Workers", a 7 year project spent photographing labourers in 26 countries. One stunning photo from that series show 12,000 marchers breaking open the gates to a huge estate and reclaiming the land from an absentee landlord. "Migrations", also called "Exodus", focused on immigrants, refugees and other displaced populations. For seven years, he took photographs of migrants from Africa, Asia and South America, many of whom had fled ethnic and religious conflict and genocidal regimes.

In the Times, he said that "there is little different between photographing a pelican or an albatross and photographing a human being. You must pay attention to them, spend time with them, respect their territory."

He has also founded the Terra Institute on 600 hectares of land where he is rebuilding a rain forest which belonged to his father. "All the birds are coming back, the river is flowing again, the environment is working, and all this has made such a difference to my relationship with nature. My life has completely changed," he wrote
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