Gen-E Kids Driving Before They Can Walk

The Tokyo Ecolife fair 2008 certainly had something for everyone, and the kids were really getting into it.


A great sign for the times when Gen-E is already attending environmental fairs at such a tender age, although we're not sure if teaching 3 year olds to drive is really the most environmentally friendly social education they could be getting.

Although it was an "eco-drive" booth, and we hope that by the time these little tykes are ready to get behind the wheel of something a little bigger, the cars will all be electric and/or hydrogen-powered by then. Perhaps something like this nifty-looking little Girasole elettrica which was on display courtesy of Auto EV Japan Co., Ltd.


As we mentioned in our initial post on the Ecolife Fair, there were plenty of gadgets for kids of all sizes to play with.Some of the other interesting toys.. err environmental technologies on display were the Tokyo Gas hydrogen-powered fuel cell car.


Although it is a full working prototype, with a tank-load of power to go, according to the Tokyo Gas man, "this is the most expensive Mercedes in Japan," and "the ultimate eco-car." But, with each of these H2 cars priced somewhere in the millions of dollars they will probably be out of reach for most of us for some time to come.

A lot closer to most people's budgets though is perhaps the oldest, and the most environmentally friendly of all inventions, the bicycle. At the Ecolife Fair there were taxi bicycles and bicycle-powered LED displays, kids bikes and folding bikes, to mention just a few. But, they will have to wait for our next post.

So stay tuned to the blog spot!

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