Gasoline in Wine Bottles? So Stupid it Just Might Work!

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I mean, gas is such a....commodity. There is regular and premium, but one is pretty much like another, and the costs are pretty much the same wherever you go. Water used to be like that, a commodity, but as Elizabeth Royte notes in Bottlemania, as one Pepsico marketing VP said to investors in 2000, "when we are done, tap water will be relegated to showers and washing dishes." And look how far they have come.

But you know that the terroirists have won when they try to do the same thing with gasoline. That is what they are doing at Fine Fueling - elegantly branding and bottling it for the discerning customer.TreeHugger is particularly bemused by the Green Nigeria Premium Carbon Offset Yacht Fuel:

"This premium tête de cuvée 120 octane fuel has a graceful marriage of clean body and kerosene flavor notes. It shows full liquidity with haunting power nuances and a less fruity petroleum flavor than regular Colonial premiums."

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From Alaska, source of Chavez Light Sweet 2008 Alaska Reserve with its Robust aroma, high performance, with flavors of carbon and benzene" you can see the source of Gazprom Caspian

"A superb extreme heat fractionated North Sea Crude mixed with lightly volatile halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons, twice refined, with bold power notes.It is great paired with upscale coupes, sports activity vehicles and high performance luxury roadsters. "

Let Exxon Mobil scrounge around the bottom of the market trying to make a profit at three bucks a gallon. When gasoline is again an expensive luxury for everyone Fine Fueling will be already be there, serving those who still have money and houses to drive to. ::Fine Fueling
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