Gas: The Best of the Worst


We at Treehugger are proud that our readership includes greenies from all sides of the fence. Some of you go so far as to live completely off-grid, and others of you are just looking for a way to give a greener wedding gift. However, for most of you, there is one uniting factor. You all use gas, even if it's only a little, only every once in a while.

So, this article from out allies at the Sierra Club is a welcome thing. If you're going to buy fuel, why not check out the particular reasons behind why they give BP and Sunoco their gold star, so to speak, while sending Exxon and Conoco to the corner of the class with dunce caps on. Highlights of the good include acknowledgement of Human culpability in global warming, Adoption and attainment of the Kyoto goals, and significant investment in solar and wind infrastructure. Of course, this is till oil we're talking about, so lest you get to happy about filling your tank, highlights of the bad news include historic oil spills, devious PR campaigns, exploitation of native populations, and even supporting apartheid in South Africa. Makes you want to buy a bike. :: Pick Your Poison at the Sierra Club