Gardener Hopes to Teach Kids About Birds Using LEGOs

Gardener and bird lover (and artist, if you ask me) Thomas Poulsom has created a rather stunning series of LEGO birds that he is petitioning the LEGO company to actually build. He currently has 1,547 supporters but if he reaches 10,000, his dream could be a reality. The artist gardener really sees this as an opportunity to inspire and educate both children and adults alike.

I, personally, love this idea. I think anything that brings the natural world into the hands of kids is a great thing. For one, I have always been on the fence about zoos. I just really hate caged up animals. That said, I got a lot out of zoos as a kid. And I know many, many children still do. It opened my eyes to what nature really is. But I still hate zoos. So this is just one more way kids can experience the world around them.

For me, toys of this nature (sorry for the pun) always stuck with me. From cars, buildings, to science experiments, every single one of them has been a part of my current fascinations with eco-cars, smart eco-design, down to NASA, space exploration and well, Star Wars. If I had had LEGO birds, I would expect the same result. I would probably be a birder. I want that for kids today.

Will you please support him here. It costs nothing and you can vote for him using your Facebook account.

Poulsom has built eight birds thus far but would love to design a series of birds for every continent. Personally, I am surprised at how lifelike they are considering he has only used standard LEGO blocks thus far. Imagine what he could do with a customized set!

Robins are my favourite bird and a very good friend of mine. I am a gardener and tree surgeon so I'm lucky to have frequent visits from these friendly little fellas, especially when I'm digging. I love their song and the way they land on my garden tools. One actually landed on my foot recently. They are the friendliest bird around and are rewarded for it by me with plenty of worms.

The wings [of the Kingsley Kingfisher below] are not quite as accurate as I would like them to be due to the lack of the right pieces but I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out.

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