Gabrielle Anwar Lives the Simple Life, Meryl Streep's Message for Moms, and More

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Actress Gabrielle Anwar--most famous for her Scent of a Woman tango with Al Pacino and her current role on USA's Burn Notice knows that the lessons you learn as a kid are the ones most likely to stay with you--whether that means teaching her daughter that acting isn't all that glamourous or instilling good, green habits at a young age. As she told EcoStiletto, she still loves recycling because of a BBC cartoon about trash-sorting Wombles she watched as a kid--and she's providing her three children with the foundation to do the same by making sure they know that everything in the trash ends up in a landfill. And your attitude about materialism makes a difference, too: "I find it satisfying to live a life that's as simple as possible," she says. "One can never have enough and once you get caught up in that whirlwind of possession and materialism and excess it's hard to stop--it's all-consuming. I'm fortunate to never have been exposed to it. It's a second nature to me not to make a huge carbon footprint along my journey." Read more about the actress's love for simplicity, vintage clothing, and Stella McCartney boots in EcoStiletto's interview.

A-List Musicians Tune Up for Mountains

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The National Resources Defense Council released the lineup for its Music Saves Mountains fundraising concert--scheduled for May 19 in Nashville--which will include performances from Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, Patty Loveless, and Kathy Mattea, among others. Proceeds from the concert will go toward ending mining in the Appalachian Mountains--"where country music was born," said NRDC president Frances Beinecke. Big Kenny, of Big and Rich--who also supports the organization--told Planet Green that he became passionate about finding a less destructive way of getting to coal after a flight over the mountains: 'It looked like a war zone, a complete decimation of forest...It was scary. In no way am I sitting here saying that we're not supposed to be mining coal, I just think there's a right and a wrong way to do it." Tickets for the show go on sale today at the Ryman Auditorium box office and through Ticketmaster; check the Music Saves Mountains website for pricing and more details.

Meryl Streep's Message to Mothers

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WIth16 Oscar nominations under her belt--her most recent for this year's Julie and Julia--Meryl Streep has good reason for being better known for her acting than her activism. But as Wendy Gordon told The Huffington Post, Streep has had major influence offscreen as well, starting a group called Mothers and Others that fought for more stringent pesticide laws. Gordon sat down with Streep for a conversation about baby bottles, organic apples, GMO's, and what we can learn about healthy eating from the butter-loving Julia Child. "Her message," says Streep, "was, you can eat butter and all these things we've been taught to fear, but as long as it's a little big. Moderation and portion size, portion size, portion size--that's the difference. That's the whole thing. It's all about moderation, and real food, you know, food that is recognizable.' (Via The Huffington Post)

Pamela Anderson Trades the Beach for the Ballroom

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Photo via Top News Actress, model, and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson will be back on television screens soon, but not in her classic red Baywatch bathing suit: She's joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars, where, paired with professional ballroom dancer Damian Whitewood, she'll be showing off her footwork while competing against other stars including Shannen Doherty and Evan Lysacek. Anderson, who's put her best foot forward for PETA in their print ads and video PSAs, says that she hopes the show will teach her to dance--while helping her shape up. "It's stimulating mentally, physically, and emotionally," she says. "I'm having the best time. This will keep me out of trouble." (Via People)

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