G Magazine: Guide to Green Living in the 21st Century

altThe very comprehensive Green Pages directories have barely landed on the shelves of Australian newsagents, and we have a new publication joining them. G Magazine purports to be "Australia's first green lifestyle title", but magazines like the 32 year old Earth Garden or quarter century veteran Renew, amongst others, might take umbrage at this claim. The publishers say, "G is a glossy and stylish guide to green living in the 21st century: an upscale, environmentally-friendly, consumer guide for people who want to reduce their impact on the planet but don't want to compromise on quality of life." Their new bi-monthly costs $5 at the newsstand, and the premier issue runs to 66 pages that cover the sort of topics one might typically find on TreeHugger like green weddings (and here too), ethical investments, eco-renovations, organic ice-cream and the like. We liked the number crunching section on the back page, which included this little gem, "Cars burn half the world's oil and account for 6 per cent of all global-warming pollution." Printed on 55% recycled paper (post-consumer content not disclosed), the magazine said to also be carbon neutral. All the best to G mag, there can't be enough voices spruiking the greener lifestyle message. ::G Magazine.

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