G Living Network


Anyone with a dearth of time on their hands should check out the G Living Network's expansive website. They appear to be going for the you-name-it-we-got-it approach: community forums, blogs, live chat, photo essays, streaming videos, podcasts, recipes and a store (coming soon, they say) are just a few. It's very flashy and pretty to look at, although it looks like they've sacrified some usability and functionality for looks; we poked around the site for some time, found some interesting stuff, but were unable to understand how it all is supposed to fit together or if there's a linear progression to it. It's a nice idea, and an ambitious project, and it would be lots of fun if we could figure out how it's supposed to work; here's to hoping they can get it organized into something that will make it irresistable. ::G Living Network via ::Gristmill