Future Marketing Summits


Stop Press! (or is that now Stop Post?) Wanna change the future of marketing? Maybe even want to nudge marketers into seeing that 'Green is Good'? Well, do we have an event for you. Come 23 February (Yep, that's real soon) you can participate in the 'futuremarketingsummits' in New York City. It has over 20 marketing industry heavy hitters, (including other bloggers Piers Fawkes of psfk.com and Josh Rubin from coolhunting.com) espousing on the view from their own crystal balls. And the reason we're so interested? Well, they've invited Treehugger's founder, Graham Hill, to be one of the panellists. (geez, he’s appearing everywhere at the moment.) Anyhow hopefully this is sign of more sustainable times to come to the much maligned marketing sector. For, as the media release says, this will: "not a day for platitudes or lecturing ..." Read All About It! ::futuremarketingsummits