FUTUR Employment — Barcelona NGO creating jobs through organic cafes.

Whilst leafing through this month’s edition of Barcelona Metropolitan (our local English magazine) I came across a very interesting Treehugging enterprise. Futur is a local NGO that has been working in Barcelona since 1996 to provide jobs for people who aren’t readily employable, for example new immigrants, abused spouses, and ex-prisoners. Futur is training and giving new skills to people who are ready to integrate themselves back into society, through a chain of sustainable cafes in Barcelona. The first café, Café Just, was opened in 2001, and there are now two more. Not only do the cafes provide training and jobs, but they also finance the NGO, creating a productive loop which feeds itself. Their sustainable approach is reflected in their mission to provide employment to those who need it most, but also extends through to the running of the cafés which use fair trade, organic and vegetarian products. Futur say they would love to be able to use only local or at the least national products, but unfortunately the lack of development on that front in Spain means that they have to import products from abroad. We are also happy to hear that Futur are currently planning to provide a delivery service for their ecological products using electric mopeds. This whole project seems extremely well thought through, attracting attention not only for their social endeavours, but also for taking a holistic approach to people and the environment. By being aware that the relation between people and their environment is symbiotic Futur have created a sustainable business model which treats both with equal respect. Thanks to Barcelona Metropolitan for the tip. ::Fundació Futur
Futur Cafés can be found in Barcelona at:
C/Sotstinent Navarro 18
C/Joan de Garay 116
C/Sant Pere Més Baix 7
[Leonora & Petz]