Full Version of Summer Rayne Oakes' Film eXtinction Released Online

eXtinctioneXtinction/Video screen capture

Last year, model, television media host, and advocate for all things Earth, Summer Rayne Oakes, launched her award-winning, environmental art short, eXtinction. Filmed by director Clayton Haskell and shown in over a dozen festivals around the world, eXtinction brings together creative storytelling and poignant imagery to personalize the stakes of our greatest environmental challenges.

The film has received considerable praise at film festivals, garnering awards for “Best Editing,” “Best Environmental Film,” and “Best Experimental Film” at the SuperShorts, Mix Short Film Festival, and Mountain Film Awards, respectively. Studio chairman Harvey Weinstein says, “eXtinction is an important film that everyone should see. Clayton Haskell artfully captures the beauty of planet earth, while Summer Rayne Oakes reminds us of the vital role we all have in keeping it that way.”

eXtinctioneXtinction/Video screen capture

Ready to bring the message to a broader audience, Oakes has now, for the first time, released the full-length version online. As well, she has hand-selected 10 partner organizations to create a "take action" campaign to help tackle the issues she addresses in the film.

You can see the five-minute film here, eXtinction, and visit the film's tumblr page to see lend your voice to the partner organizations.

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