Frugal For Life - Simplify!


We often talk about efficiency in regard to cars, housing, energy production, etc. But what about being more efficient with our money? Keeping our finances in order and being eco-conscious are two very compatible things. Some may pejoratively call you a penny-pincher, but to Frugal For Life blogger Dawn, that's a compliment. The frugal life is about making choices, not consuming more than our share (opting-out of the consumption arms race) and not going into debt for things we probably don't need in the first place. Sumptus Censum Ne Superet (Let not your spending exceed your income). Not all the tips on the blog will appeal to everybody, but we're fairly sure that a least a few of them could benefit most people. It goes from how to make your own pizza (a couple of bucks of dough and toppings vs. what you pay when you order) to what are the best places to find free boxes, the multiple uses of toothpaste, how to make home-made anti-acid and tips about using less detergent. We also quite liked the post about tiny homes.

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