From the Forums: Your Thanksgiving Green Efforts?


Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone and was wondering what everyone did to reuse, recycle, or conserve?

For us, this year all the food was organic and everything was made from scratch (no pre-packaged shortcuts), so almost zero packaging, and nothing went to waste. Every scrap of food was either eaten, converted to soups and sandwiches, or made it to the compost bin. We didn't use any paper products since we switched to linens 6 months ago. When the oven was on the heater was off. Instead of going out to movies or for drives we took walks around the neighborhood. We burned candles instead of lights. Instead of turning on the TV we played games of Scrabble. And finally, instead of wasting money on shopping for bargains we made a large donation to the local Meals on Wheels.

How about you (no account required)?

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