From the Forums: Your New Year's Green Guest List

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Image Credit: BimJimInDC via Flickr

wildlifer has a party game to play:

It's not too early to begin putting together my "fantasy guest list" for the "Green" New Year's Eve party to end all New Year's Eve parties. For obvious reasons, my list is weighted heavily toward the "wildlife conservation" side of the movement, but I'm wondering whom other people on this forum might choose to invite. Now, my guests:

1) Al Gore
2) Jane Goodall
3) George Schaller
4) My good friend Ted Williams
5) Ed Begley, Jr.'s wife. What the heck, Ed can come too.
6) Sarah ("Momma Polar Bear") Palin.
7) The comedian, Louis C.K.
8) Markos Moulitsas, from Daily Kos
9) Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt
10) Rhett A. Butler from the website
11) Everybody who participates in this Forum.

Who would you bring? Post here.