From the Forums: Winter is Coming


Winter is coming and already the predictions are that we're about to face a long harsh one. This past winter in Portland (my first) I'm told was unseasonably long. It was pretty brutal, both cold and wet.

We're discussing preparation for the upcoming winter in the forums.


I'm helping my friends upgrade their paltry attic insulation (probably was about R-8 or so) by installing rolls of R-30 overtop the existing insulation. I doubt I'll get him to go any further than that (lobbying for another layer of R-19 over that), but he should have 3-4 times as much attic insulation in the end as when we started, even if we just do the one layer. I'm hoping he needs 1 less tank of heating oil this winter than he did last winter

Join the discussion and let's help each other get ready for what will be a serious financial burden for us all this year.

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