From the Forums: What was the worst pollution you ever saw?


ladiikim asks:

Post the worst pollution you ever saw and what you did about it.

For me it was a few years back when I vistited relatives in rural Vietnam. Shopping at local market on the Mekong delta, I realized that I was litterally standing on a huge pile of compacted trash and dirt -mostly trash. Air pollution was extremely poor due to all the inefficient motor boats and motorcycles and rivers tainted with pesticides used on rice patties, household waste, and factory pollution.

Unfortunatly, my complaining about the trash and pollution was only returned with scoldings about how "spoiled" I was (only a teen then and no one there listens to children I found out), so I couldn't change much. One thing I did do was talk my father into buying my relatives more efficient outboard motors for their boats, a small victory in the war against pollution

I personally use to live in Hunter's Point in San Francisco, one of California's Superfund sites. The image above is a sign I use to see where I'd walk my dog. What I did about it...was move.

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