From the Forums: What Are You Doing for Earth Day?


Very apropos topic in the forums today.

deepcsuf asks what you are doing for Earth Day today?

I am going to the Green Apple Festival - Los Angeles, America's largest Earth Day celebration!

It's going to be on the Santa Monica Pier? If anyone from going, please contact me, I'd love to meet up!

I'm going to be a vendor at a green fair. If you're in Chicago, head to the Green Scene on Saturday and say hi to me at booth 26!

I'm organising a climate change forum in my home town (on Saturday, can't do it on the actual 22nd, but will perhaps catch up with some people for a walk or something). We've got an Al Gore Climate Project speaker coming down, which should be good. Interest in our little sustainabilty group is slowly but surely growing...

Kiari Tree
I'm going to a friend's house to plant some cherry trees. were even planting some baby Oak trees because she has only 3 trees in her yard totally omg.

I'm also taking a trip to a park in New York with my mom to plant some trees, look at some algea that might be able speed the growth of trees, and visit the Stay Green Festival. It'll be fun and Green

I spoke about that for months (since my moving from downtown to the countryside in fact) : this morning I resumed my good old bicycle to go to the railway station. Woaw I had forgotten how invigorating is it to ride a bike !

To abandon my car is my modest but gratifying contribution to this Earth Day.

Well, lets see.. Other than my normal stuff, last night I recieved the trees I ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation, AND I recieved my first set of test solar panels to learn with so I can "Be like Mike"

Other than that, I will continue to calmly and peacefully encourage people to turn off lights, recycle, use less, and just be better!

So...what are you doing?

From the Forums: What Are You Doing for Earth Day?
Very apropos topic in the forums today.