From the Forums: Was Tesla An Eco-Hero?

nikola-tesla-statue photo

Image Credit: stevendamron via Flickr

Natural_Rx writes:

Nikola Tesla should, in theory, be a modern-day hero considering the inventions he brought to the world, mentionable with names such as Edison, Einstein and Newton. But given the increasing momentum of the green movement in society, could he also be considered an environmentalist's hero? Consider this:
* He invented alternating current, which allows for the transmission of any electrical energy, including solar, wind and hydro. In fact it was Tesla and George Westinghouse who constructed the first hydroelectric system at Niagara Falls.
* He invented the basic electric motor, a design still used today, powering many forms of transportation with no emissions at the tailpipe, including the emerging car company named after him.
* Wireless communication is used to communicate with the world vs. physically travelling all the time.

So what do you think? Does Tesla deserve a spot in the eco hall of fame? Join the debate.