From the Forums: Vegan or Local?


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I would love input on this topic. I have been vegan for 3 years now. I am on a limited budget, so I don't spend much money on cheese/meat substitutes, and I don't buy vitamins. Most of my produce comes from local, organic farms.

When making dietary choices, I factor in personal health, environmental impact, and cost. I do feel healthier since giving up meat and dairy, but I am worried about the environmental impact of buying many non-local food products (milk substitutes, tofu, etc).

So which is better for my health, the environment, and my wallet: an entirely vegan diet, a local vegetarian diet, or a local (low-meat) vegetarian diet? I'm not interested in arguments about the extremism of veganism - I genuinely want informed opinions about plant-based diets and local food.

Chime In!

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