From The Forums: Tips to Reduce Food Waste


ml2620 brings up a good topic:

My husband and I are a bit shocked at the amount of food we waste. We tend to eat out alot because of our work schedules, so when it's time for the weekly search and seizure in our fridge - we easily throw out a few pounds of food that's gone bad - veggies, fruit, leftovers, etc.

How do you manage to reduce your food waste - use what you have, make the most of scraps? I also have no concept of meal planning, so tips on that would be appreciated. We are still meat eaters but have comittied to 4 vegetarian or vegan meals per week.

Any tips or suggestions could be appreciated!

sensiblesustainable says:
Meal planning goes a LONG way in helping reduce food took about 2 years for my wife to buy into the concept, but we have not only reduced our food waste, but our food budget as well. We haven't gone as crazy at 'Monday is taco night, tuesday is steaks, wednedsay is ...', but sometime over the weekend we usually have a conversation of what is going on this week, what is for dinner what night, and what do we need to buy.


My wife and I rarely have to throw away food. We don't eat out very much, but if we have leftovers from restaurants, they usually become tomorrow's lunch. Leftovers from home-cooked dinners work the same way. We always bring our own lunches to work/school.

Keep bread in the fridge so it doesn't grow mold. If you still have problems, keep a loaf in the freezer and move it to the fridge when your other loaf is gone.

Keep up with what's in your fridge. If you know something will be going bad soon, incorporate it into a meal.

Eliminate garbage by not buying wastefully-packaged items (yogurt).

There are quite a few suggestions in the forums, but we could always use more. Come in and add yours.