From the Forums: The Perfect House


greenteadrinker is asking, in your mind's eye...what's the perfect house?

For her:

Rammed earth 24"-36" thick walls,(so no heater and no a/c)

a planted green roof

solar array in yard...

tons of trees, garden, self perpetuating rain system flowing into a garden pond,
flowing into storage tanks after going through cleaning filters, cement
(or a greener equivalent) for the kitchen counter tops,
re purposed wood for cabinets, re purposed glass fronts, no grass in yard, just native plants, a wind turbine for water well if needed or extra energy
for neighbors, a straw bale guest cottage, natural
stone driveway (no asphalt-ugh), sky lights for
natural light, tons of top of the line r-rated
south facing windows, solar water heater, and of
course friends, cats and dogs.

Whew...that's a lot. I'm going in to add my own wishes.

What would you add???

From the Forums: The Perfect House
For her: