From the Forums: Tankless Water Heaters

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This one is from me.

Looking to install a tankless water heater in our home in the next few months. Sorry, solar really isn't an option at this point, but tankless looks like a really nice alternative. The problem I have is that Consumer Reports doesn't have any ratings yet on these and I'm not sure which one to invest in...

I've been looking at Bosch, since I like the brand and everything I've bought of theirs has been solid.

...What I'm looking for is the pilot free electric ignition with 120v versus 240v...

BTW...our washer has a built in water heater and the dishwasher, while it uses water from the heater, never runs while the shower runs. Lastly, we never run two showers at once, but we do want the better model for resale value on the house.

Anyone out there that knows something or had a tankless?

Please jump in and help me decide!