From the Forums: Should I Cut Down My Tree?


Image Credit: quinnanya
A couple days ago, my neighbor told me that the tree which I thought we shared was really on my property and that it was a "trash tree" (a Mulberry tree). He suggested I cut it down. Here's my weighing of the issue:

To cut:
1. My nieghbor said the roots will / do interfere with hss sewer lines and he'll have to put poison down into the ground to prevent that. That seems bad.

2. I could plant a non-'trash tree" that might increase property value. Of course, I'd use native trees.

Or not to cut:
1. I don't want to cut down trees--I think they're all valuable and there's no such thing as a "trash tree."

2. Even if I do plant another in its place, it'll take forever to grow, leaving my yard shadeless.

Do you have some advice?