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charityjunebug has started a rant thread for biggest pet peeve. Here's a few:

People throwing trash into a recycle bin, or throwing cardboard into a "plastic/glass only" bin or plastic bottles into a "paper only" bin. I am always resorting things out in my apartment complex trash area.

How everything that has to do with a new baby is suddenly disposable. Disposable bibs, placemats, changing pads, diapers, baby lunchables, EVERYTHING!!!

Cigarettes being tossed out car windows. AAAAHHH!!!

Big SUV's with only one driver, no cargo and no signs of ever having been used to go off road (the ostensible purpose behind SUV's). I've never been able to stand them, and I still cringe when I seem someone driving a Ford Excursion...


parking lot where there are sections marked for compact cars and end up filled with big trucks and suv's so there is no room for me to park my compact car in the compact car space.

Boy do I feel your pain on that one...but here's my current pet peeve. This weekend we went to a theater at an outdoor mall to see Iron Man. It was 90ยบ outside and EVERY SINGLE STORE had their AC blowing and their front doors WIDE OPEN! I mean seriously, when did this become a trend? Use to be people closed their doors to keep the store cool and not waste money on cooling the sidewalk. Seeing that really burns me.

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