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rainwater system

I started my rainwater storage system. I hung 70 feet of gutter today, and have 20 more feet to hang tomorrow. All of this gutter is going to be directed into a 150 gallon storage tank. I will then build an enclosure to match the house and put a small pump and battery in the enclosure. Once I get all of this hooked up, I will use the solar panel I built to charge the battery.

Project costs so far:

Gutters and parts $215
150 gallon tank $250

I haven't bought the pump and battery yet so I dont have the prices yet, but I am estimating about $100 to $150.

It sounds like a lot, but I hope to recover the costs by not buying the water I use to water my lawn.

Also as a side note, I bought aluminum gutters rather than PVC. My thought was that at least it could be recycled at the end of its life.

I could have gotten the PVC gutters for probably half the price, but
1) I dont like PVC
2) I live in an HOA, so I have to make sure I dont get in trouble
3) like I say if any of this gets damaged, and can recycle the pieces I have to replace.

Very very cool. I built my own rainwater system this year for under $100:


We use it for watering the garden and other plants around the house. Not only does it cut our water usage, it keeps runoff from going into the sewer system. In the future we'd love to have a complete greywater solution.

There's plenty of discussion on this going on in the forums, so get in there and share your ideas, stories, and photos.