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jcoffman asks:

I have seen a couple of people talking about having their vegies, dairy and organic foods delivered to your homes.

For those of us (me) who haven't heard of this, can you give us some details on the services you are using? They may not be available in all areas, but it sounds interesting. About the only thing I have seen in Texas is the Schwans truck, and thats basically just a bunch of frozen salt licks! Bleh!

I grew up around the family farm, but when I moved out to the city I found it harder to find good healthy foods. After seeing the amazing film The Real Dirt on Farmer John and meeting the "John" in the film, we started buying our organic produce, bread, fruits, and dairy from a local business that bought direct from the small farmer.

It seems to me more and more people are becoming interested in organic foods and CSA's, so I thought it might be best to create a guide for people starting with this forum topic.

If you participate in a CSA or local organic delivery service, come on in and leave a URL and info for the place you support. Let's help get other people involved and help the small organic farmers in the process.

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