From the Forums: Is the Age of the Electric Car Finally Here?

electric car

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Valhalla writes:

As, I've stated here before, forget Fuel cells, hydrogen, propane, CNG, etc. Battery cars like the Volt and Tesla are the future. With China already delivering plug in hybrids, Tesla shipping, the Volt announced, and now the big Ford push its game over for competing technologies. This is great news not only for the environment but also for the industry that has finally agreed on a path forward. Now that a direction has been chosen, the benefits of focused research and development as well as economies of scale will drive this technology down to the point that everyone will be able to afford a plug in in a few short years. Another big plus is the knowledge gained when these first products begin to ship. That can really accelerate the knowledge base so as to build even better and more reliable cars. To be sure it's been a long haul with many fits and starts but it looks like battery technology, along with advances in LED lighting and other high efficiency advancements, has finally progressed to the point of economic viability.

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