From the Forums: Is Adoption the Next Step in Living Green?

mary and adoptive father

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puddypied007 writes:

I am no ultimate eco-friendly person, but I am starting to make some steps towards really trying to be green(er). Of all the education that I get...few people touting green living EVER mention adoption as being part of that way of life. So perhaps now is the time to start asking these sorts of questions. Are you green? Do you have a biological child? Will you adopt? If not, why not?

To me, being an adoptive mom of two (and ridiculously infertile), few things in life move me more than the journey towards adoption. Adopting a child goes way beyond leading a green lifestyle; it touches on the true meaning and point of being green... to make the world a better place. It is, of course, ridiculous to use the adoption of a child as an item on your green-living checklist. Is the world (well, the eco-friendly portion of the world, however small) ready to move past CFL's, composting, and electric cars and move towards opening our eyes to the human suffering around us?

What do you think?